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Money Management in Phoenix

My company offers discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management services.  Discretionary portfolio management means I will make investment decisions and place buy or sell orders in your account without contacting you on for every change..  Investment decisions are based upon your stated objectives which we will discuss on an ongoing basis.  

 Non-discretionary portfolio management service means that  your approval is required prior to placing any order for a transaction in your account. In reality, this is not very practical.

 I will monitor your portfolio's performance on a daily and sometimes hourly basis.. As changes in the market occur, I try to maintain focus on your objectives and not get caught up in the "breaking news of the hour", but will make adjustments as necessary.  

I value your input as much as any other source of information.  This becomes a team effort to grow your funds.


General Consulting Services

JW HECHT Wealth Management LLC  provides advice on  most investment related matters.   Sometimes you will need to plan for the investment/rollover of a retirement account,  a one time inheritance, or the sale of a business.  My services include helping you identify the type of account you need, where to set it up and how to transfer the money into that account.

The services provided by JW HECHT Wealth Management, LLC will typically focus on

Managing of:

Retirement rollovers ( IRA's SEP's, Simple IRAs )

Non qualified investment accounts


My advice is based on your financial situation and the financial information you provide to me.  If your financial situation, goals, objectives, or needs change, you must notify me as soon as possible.

Quarterly Meetings

I invite all of my clients to meet with me quarterly in my office.  We look at your portfolio and review each position in your account.  I try to answer all your questions and confirm that this is working for you.  Sometimes we will make changes and sometimes we will sit back and say everything is working as planned.


How accessible is my money?   The stock market provides for easy sale of a security.  If you need cash, you can sell today and transfer the money back into your checking account tomorrow.

Who can withdraw funds from my account?  Only "you" the authorized owner can request a withdrawal.   

Where is my money located?  I recommend the use of a large brokerage account such as Charles Schwab.   You would sign a power of attorney which allows me access to buy or sell investments within your account but NEVER the ability to withdraw.  

How much do your services/advice cost?  I charge a percentage of the value of your portfolio.  This  % is currently 1%. per annum.   Every quarter I will  send you an invoice for the prior three months of my management of your account.

About Joseph W. Hecht

Joseph Hecht is a Certified Public Accountant licensed to practice since 1985 in the state of Arizona.


JW HECHT WEALTH MANAGEMENT LLC is owned by Joseph W Hecht, CPA.  I have over  30 years of  experience as a Certified Public Accountant.

The main reason I created this company/service was to assist "my tax clients" when it came time to invest.  I had seen the value of too many clients' portfolios going down when they should have been going up.  I really believe that I can make a difference and help my clients grow their investments.


Proving our worth every day

The management of your portfolio means continued monitoring and evaluation of your investments  This does not mean continued change but it does require the constant awareness of what you own and whether or not your investments are continuing to serve the purpose for what they were intended.

Why choose to work with JW Hecht Wealth Management LLC?

My relationship with you is ongoing.  Most likely,  you already are an income tax client of mine and i am familiar with your earnings and financial history.   This provides the basis for the trust that we need in order to work together.


Investor News Letters

Daily, weekly, and monthly newsletters provide an ongoing information flow, keeping me in the know as to what growth stocks are looking good, what dividend stocks are paying, and what are this week's top ten hot stocks.

Current events via Wall Street Journal

Continued and consistent reading of current news, listening to reports, trying to filter out what is real and what is just the daily hot topic of news is the best way to stay informed.  

Common Sense

There is no substitute for common sense.  If it is not what you need, then it will not be purchased. If it is not working, then accept a bad decision and sell.   Ignore hot tips.  


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